About us

The history of Bernie’s Diner

Throughout history American Diners have always been a traditional gathering spot for friends and family to come together and enjoy a good home-made meal elaborated in a social setting. Each establishment was carefully designed to meet the needs and imagination of the city people for the best experience possible.

With this in mind, we found the perfect location to share our American Diner vision in the most centric area of Barcelona city, where different types of cultures and people; workers, travelers, artists, and families gather.

We have taken this opportunity to bring you Bernie´s, a classic retro American diner. On a daily basis we offer an exciting menu, hip, fun music at all hours of the day into the evening so that everyone has the chance to experience an authentic American concept in food and setting, an idea that until now had been very difficult to find within the “ciudad condal”.


What We Offer

We have brought you an American restaurant that gives life to the charm of the olden days, where food was onced based on simplicity and genuine quality. By following those special techniques that our grandmother used, everything we do is home-made, slow cooked, and detail oriented. We set ourselves apart from a typical boring fast food restaurant since we work with the highest quality products on a daily basis done in the most natural way of traditional cooking possible, just the way it had been done in the past.

Who We Are

We are a group of enthusiasts with a common desire to share the American dream with you. Each one of us has brought to the table our personal experiences and skills acquired within the gastronomic and tourist sector of Barcelona, gained through trial and error and lots of hard work.

Searching for quality American food we have decided to take the risk and create a place that offered a variety of original dishes, desserts, and drinks while also being a fun hang-out spot with competitive prices.We wanted to give life to a restaurant that as children we had always imagined. Full of the details depicted in American films; a familiar, relaxed place, full of color, and warmth.

Our Product Philosophy

We strive to provide a down to earth atmosphere where one can meet with friends, eat really well, and enjoy a coffee or a cocktail at any hour of the day while experiencing traditional American flavors.

The grill is the heart of our kitchen. We keep it turned on all day so that you can enjoy real grilled meat anytime! This allows us to offer you the best grilled gourmet hamburger with the most authentic taste.


Our grilled hamburgers are very healthy. We only use fresh 100% cow meat that holds the “Eusko Label” certification. This guarantees where the meat comes from and that it has been fed only natural forage.

Everything elaborated on our menu is made from fresh products.The meat we use at Bernie´s Grill comes straight from Girona and our bread is prepared especially for us from a local bakery on a daily basis.


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